It was a great opportunity to rebrand and create a mobile app design that was polished and consistent for Pitstop. The free mobile app is available for iOS and currently in the process of being developed for Android. Pitstop allows users to check their MOT and tax instantly by just submitting their vehicle registration using data provided by DVLA. It will send you reminders to alert you when your tax and MOT are running out, making it easier for users to keep track of renewals.

Pitstop Logo Process Stage 1
Pitstop Logo Process Stage 2
Pitstop Final Logo


I was asked by the creator of Pitstop to come on board for the redesign and rebrand of the Pitstop branding and mobile app. When it was first presented to me, it had a very basic logo with inconsistency throughout the brand. I used elements that the creator liked about his original logo, such as the road and included these elements in the new logo design; I changed the colour scheme completely and kept it to 3 colours. I added new features to the app, such as a main menu, reminders, account and saved vehicles to make the user experience more enjoyable and more user-friendly. Pitstop is still in the process of being updated, but it is available for download on iOS phones with the original design in the link below – feel free to download the app to see how it looked before its design overhaul!

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