Mindfuel Meals provides healthy meal prep options to help people who are achieving fitness goals, live busy lives or on a strict regime reach their own personal goals, whilst saving time on daily meal preparation. They launched in 2019 and chose me to create their brand identity and packaging. 

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Mindfuel Meals
April 2018
Logo Design, Packaging Design, Leaflet & Flyer Design, Social Media Content
Logo Process

Logo Design

The team at Mindfuel Meals wanted a memorable logo designed for their brand. They provided me with a concept that they had come up with, and wanted me to bring it to life. We combined a brain, broccoli, a bowl and a lightbulb into one element to visually suggest what Mindfuel Meals represents.

Leaflet Design

Along with the logo, I was also asked to design a DL leaflet which provided further information about the company, prices and details on how to order. Mindfuel Meals is all about eating clean and I wanted to reflect this fresh approach to healthy eating with the use of bright colours such as green and purple in the branding.

Front Leaflet
Inside Leaflet

Packaging Design

Mindfuel Meals provides quick and healthy meal prep options. With every meal, a mindful affimation is attached by a sticker to the sleeve packaging. I designed a custom printed sleeve to be presented on a 3-compartment storage container for all of Mindfuel Meal’s meals.